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Friday, November 4, 2011

Kindergarten Karaline

It is hard to believe that our little girl has already completed a quarter of Kindergarten.  It has been so much fun watching her blossom at school.  She loves her teachers and the other kids at school.  She has achieved somewhat of a celebrity status at school.  The kids in my class all greet her each morning, at lunch, and after school.  They all want to give her a hug (even the boys!) and tell her how cute she looks.  I am glad she is having that experience since I know that a lot of the time when we are out, Cody gets the “Oh, he’s so cute” comments.  To which she looks up at me with those big blue eyes and without saying a word, asks “Aren’t I cute?”  It breaks my heart.

Her first report card was an academic success, even if we do need to work on not talking during class.  OOPS!  Guess I am not such a good example of that one!

Karaline was one of only 3 in her class to earn her reading shirt so far this year by knowing all of her letter sounds.  I have to give a lot of credit to Mardie who was an awesome preschool teacher.


Karaline has been very motivated to read, (credit here goes to Mrs. Dayhuff) and she has done an awesome job reading her phonics books, mastering our short vowels.  We are hoping Santa brings us the long vowel set!

Karaline became an official Girl Scout Daisy at the end of October.  Here she is with her Daisy Troop, reciting the Girl Scout promise, and with her proud family!  Thank you to everyone who supported Karaline and her troop by purchasing items in the Fall Opportunity Sale. 

Halloween Happenings



Annual “Scary Face Pancake Day” at IHOP with Grandma and Paw Paw, followed by Annual Boot Buying Day at Vanderbilts!  Pictures of that to come as they are on Grandma and Paw Paw’s camera.

Pumpkin Carving Scott Style!  Andy and Karaline set out to create “witch Barbie” using a template and the little tools included in the kit.  Andy decided to take matters a little more seriously and got out the Roto Zip.  Barbie turned out pretty good.  Meanwhile, Andy’



DSC07033Cody enjoyed making his Cookie Monster pumpkin.  Sister punched the holes and Cody stuck in the pumpkin pieces.


Cody made “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” at Mardie’s house.  All of the kids in Mommy’s class always make pumpkins to represent a book character and then present a book report about the book they read.  Karaline was feeling a little left out what with not only all of the 3rd graders and her little brother making a special pumpkin.  So, she created her own Rapunzel pumpkin! 

DSC07017DSC07130DSC07176All dressed up for Halloween!  Cody thought is was pretty great to go door to door, have people tell him how cute he looked and receive a treat in his bag!  Next year, we are holding him to a higher standard.  He is going to have to say “Trick or Treat” and “Thank You”.  This year sister was happy to do all the talking while Cookie Monster pointed and shrieked.DSC07137DSC07095DSC07109DSC07156DSC07170DSC07138


Kelly, Sam, Cora, Grandma, and Paw Paw all came over for the K-State vs. OU bloodbath massacre game followed by our annual Chili dinner.  The kids dressed up in their costumes and opened presents from Grandma and Paw Paw.


Halloween Breakfast:  Jack o lantern Cinnamon RollsDSC07127

Halloween Dinner:  Mummy Dogs, Spookaroni and Cheese, Lizard Eyes, and Spooky Jello – wish I would have taken a picture!!

Toys for Sale


All items are in very good condition, many are like new.  We have outgrown our baby toys and moving into toddlerhood!

DSC07198Cloth Fisher Price Baby Animal Book $3.00

Fisher Price Jungle Night Light/Music Soothing Sounds – $15.00 (paid over $30)  attaches to crib

Fisher Price Musical Keys $3.00

Fisher Price Flip Phone $2.00

Fisher Price MP3 Player $3.00



VTech Jungle Animals $5.00        Fisher Price  Monkey Habitote $5.00



Fisher Price Cement Mixer  $5.00




My first backpack – cloth quiet book $5.00



Fisher Price Polar Habitote $5.00                 Fisher Price Lion Habitote $5.00



Fisher Price Tool Bag $5.00        Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy $5.00


Everything you see above                     Baby Einstein Cloth Blocks (6)

for $5.00 or $1.00 each                                 $5.00 for the set


Fisher Price Monkey Ball $3.00

Fisher Price Dump Truck $3.00

Infantino Monkey (has suction cup for high chair tray or counter top)  $1.00

Infantion Jiggle Ball $3.00

Friday, October 14, 2011

Cody’s First Field Trip


The kids at Tiny Toes Daycare took a trip to the local fire station this week.

fire station

We were lucky that the Converse “fire” shoes Uncle Craig gave Cody when he was first born are now the perfect size!


Walter’s Pumpkin Patch

Our annual trip to Walter’s Pumpkin Patch in Burns, Kansas did not disappoint.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  This year we even convinced Aunt Kelly, Uncle Sam, & Baby B to join us.  And Grandma and Paw Paw were eager to come along, too.

Everyone in the whole family loves this patch.  There is so much for everyone to do.  Kristina, Paw Paw, and all the kids teeter tottered (Kelly has threatened to share the video on you tube) and nearly everyone took a turn on the Boo Hill slide. 


Of course, Andy showed off on the jumping pillow and spider web and has been complaining that he broke/sprain/injured his toe ever since.  Tricycle rides for all ages were enjoyed and Kelly and Sam did a great job Chuckin’ Pumpkins. 

No trip to the patch would be complete without a hayrack ride and pumpkin pickin’. 

So much for just a couple! 

We finished off the day with a late dinner of some yummy Mexican food in El Dorado, not sure if it is all that “patchy”, but it has become our Patch Day tradition!

The following weekend, I was the proud winner of this AWESOME bench at our Lord’s Acre auction which goes super well with our fabulous picks from the patch. 


The bench has changeable characters for each season.  I also have the snowman, but if you need a Christmas idea, there are many other characters available at the craft shop on Main Street in Goddard (HINT HINT ANDY!!!).